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  • General Information about Ponmudi
  • Places to see in Ponmudi
  • How to reach Ponmudi?
  • Different Distance of Ponmudi
  • Facilities for eating at ponmudi
  • Attractions nearby Ponmudi
  • Geography of Ponmudi
  • Ponmudi Weather
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General Information about Ponmudi

Ponmudi image
image credit: wikimedia.org

Ponmudi is connected to Trivandrum, which offers beautiful views on path. The weather is pleasant round. acts as the basis for trekking and hiking. There are also tea gardens in this area. 22 hairpins are turned on with this short route, making the journey a definitely exciting experience.

Other attractions near Ponmudi include the Golden Valley and several rivers and rapids, some are also on the road. The lush forest area has tropical vegetation. The variety of wildlife lives in the hills, Golden Valley provides access to the hills and the Kallar river. While flowing in a jungle area, it has scored pebbles, cold water, fish and green trees.


Places to see in Ponmudi


Trekking Ponmudi

Trekking Paradise serves as the offering of many beautiful trails. Trekers Varayattumotta, ChinnaSupported by the Trails Guide at popular and Braemor, and Ponmudi organized by Vana Samrakshana Committee.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
image credit: i.ytimg.com

Open year-round, the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is located along the catchment area of the Peppara Dam on the Karamana River. The sanctuary provides a natural habitat for 43 species of rich mammals, 233 species of birds, 46 species of reptiles, 13 species of amphibians, and 27 species of fish, around the rich mammals.

Mini Zoo

Mini Zoo
image credit: indiatravelblog.net

Large number of Barasinghas, this mini zoo shelters famous for many other types of animals. The zoo is located at an easy distance from Ponmudi.

How to reach Ponmudi?

By Air

The nearest airport to Ponmudi is Trivandrum International Airport, the capital city of. Trivandrum airport is well connected to all major cities like Hawaii, Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai. Once you reach is 61 km away from there and can easily be reached by simply crossing astroke bus. If you drive from Trivandrum Airport, then you are bound to reach for a few hours.

By Railway

It can be done by air or rail, Trivandrum is the nearest city of Ponmudi. Its proximity to makes it very easily accessible. If you are traveling from Mumbai, then you can board the Mumbai CST – Tirunelveli Premium Special, which takes 30 hours to reach Trivandrum Station. If you are traveling from Delhi, Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Central Rajdhani Express will leave you in Trivandrum for 24 hours.

By Road

In addition to Trivandrum, which is just 61 km away from Ponmudi, it can easily reach the hill station by road like other cities of Kerala such as Kollam, Aleppi and Palakkad. From Tamilnadu, 112 km, Nagercoil is a city close to the road.


Different Distance of Ponmudi

From Distance / Time
 Kollam Gujarat Kerala  120 km / 2 h 58 min
 Idukki Gujarat Kerala  252 km/7 h 19 min
 Kottayam Gujarat Kerala  166 km/4 h 32 min
 Kozhikode Gujarat Kerala  401 km/9 h 44 min
 Malappuram Gujarat Kerala  387 km/9 h 17 min
 Palakkad Gujarat Kerala  362 km /8 h 39 min
 Pathanamthitta Gujarat Kerala 121 km/3 h 21 min
 Wayanad Gujarat Kerala 477 km/11 h 36 min

Facilities for eating at ponmudi

ktdc golden peak resort

ktdc golden peak resort
image credit: panoramio.com

Ktdc Golden Peak Ponmudi is a beautiful hill resort with state-of-the-art facilities. This hotel is famous for its in-house restaurant, which is known for its spacious menu and warm hospitality. Enjoy some dishes by visiting this restaurant with your family and friends. Try delicious South Indian cuisine which will definitely let you see this place again.

Orchid Restaurat

Orchid Restaurat
image credit: ixigo.com

Orchid Restaurant, where you should go for good food in Ponmudi. This restaurant serves delicious food and the atmosphere of the place is to see some things. Located in a very convenient place, you can easily use this place. You can eat locally and when you enter this beautiful restaurant you can go to a different area. Do not forget to try South Indian cuisine here.


Attractions nearby Ponmudi

Aaranmula Boat Race

Aaranmula Boat Race Ponmudi
Photo credit: pinimg.com

Aaranmula boat race organized in August-September every year on the Panda River is a part of the Aaranmula Temple festival. This temple is lying about 1700 years old on the banks of the river Panda and is dedicated to Shri Parthasarathy.

Golden Valley

Golden Valley
Photo credit: staticflickr.com

Nestled along the Kallar River, Golden Valley is a picturesque place having its lush green valley, crystal clear water and pleasant life for golden sands. Visit this enchanting place that makes for a relaxing picnic-spot.


Geography of Ponmudi

This district is located between 8.17 degrees -8.54 degrees north east latitude and 76.41 degrees -77.17 degrees east long. Southernmost Upper, Parasah is just 54 kilometers (34 miles) from the southern peninsula of India, Cape Comorin (Virgo Kumari).

District spans 78 kilometers (48 miles) on the edge of the Arabian Sea in the west, Kollam district, north and south, in the north of Tamil Nadu’s Trivandrum and Kanyakumari districts respectively.

Ponmudi Weather

Summer Season

The summer season starts from March to which lasts till the end of May. It is the peak tourist season because it provides the perfect soothing weather between the heat of summer. In summer, Ponmudi brings changes in temperature at large, ranging from 21 ° C to 34 ° C. It has a high level of temperature during the month of May.


People of Ponmudi

Ponmudi People image
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People of Ponmudi Photos
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Photos of Ponmudi

Ponmudi hd image
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Ponmudi Hills image
image credit: keralatourism.org


Ponmudi Photos
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Ponmudi bus image
image credit: aanavandi.com

Ponmudi oll image
Photo credit: ghatroads.in


credit: ghatroads.in


Shopping place in Ponmudi

Naaz Lifestyle Mall

Naaz Lifestyle Mall
Photo credit: 4sqi.net


Naaz Lifestyle Mall image
image credit: creativedisplay.in

Naaz Lifestyle Shopping Mall is a shopping center in Ponmudi, Thiruvananthapuram. The building is 9 floors, it includes the clothing center of various brands like Wrangler, Levi etc., a crockery store, cosmetic store, food court and gaming zone.

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