Manali India Points of Interest

Manali India Points of Interest

Manali Interest Points

Manali India Points of Interest : For those who are excited about the picnic, they are waiting for the summer holidays. When the family likes to reach the picturesque mountains of the mountains together. There are many such sites in the different mountain ranges of the Himalayas, where there is no such way of returning from. And then what is the hurry to return? Look at one place, move on to another. Where you will see another new room of nature.

This long series of mountainous sites in the Kullu Valley starts from the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. After the beauty of Kashmir, Kullu Valley and Manali are the first places in terms of natural beauty. The Kullu valley is said to be the Valley of the Gods. Located on both sides of the river Beas, the Kullu city lies in the middle of the valley. The power of Kullu is one of Mahadev Temple’s magnificent temples. The Dussehra festival is famous all over the world.

Manali India Points of Interest
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Nicholas Roerich’s Art Gallery

There are also many scenic temples in the place called Naggar near Kullu. The art gallery of the famous painter and sculptor Nicholas Roerich is also here. Manikarna is about 46 km away from here. This place is a religious place of Sikhs and Hindus. Here are the sources of hot water in the famous gurus and temples. Located about 42 km away from Kullu, Manali is also situated on the banks of the Vyas river. The snowy peaks seen from here and the surrounding apple garden are the specialty of Manali. Hidimba Devi Temple, Tibetan Math and Vashishath Bath are the main tourist attractions here. Somal valley, 13 km from Manali, is also a charming tourist attraction. The famous Rohtang Pass, about 52 km away, beautifully affects tourists. Site Scenes tour runs by bus and taxi for local excursions, both at Kullu and Manali.

How to reach

Direct bus services are available from these cities to Delhi and Chandigarh. This journey by general and deluxe buses is 15 hours from Delhi and 10 hours from Chandigarh. There is also an airport in Bhuntar near Kullu. Traveling from Manali to a 9-hour-long hill, tourists can reach Shimla.

Season’s Favorite Shimla

Himachal Pradesh’s capital Shimla is situated at an altitude of 2215 meters above sea level, before independence, this city was the summer capital of the British. Many beautiful buildings and churches of that time attract the tourists to this day. Mall road of Shimla is a favorite destination for tourists. The roulette here is made only by seeing it all the time. Jakhu Hill, Viceroy Lodge, Kali Mandir The State Museum is a scenic spot here. In the vicinity, Wild Flower Hall, Kufri, Mashobra, Naltehara, Chail etc. are also the perfect places to look for. Himalaya peak from these places is also visible. By the way, to enjoy the real enjoyment of Shimla, you must travel in the toy train running from Kalka to Shimla.

Manali India Points of Interest

Season's Favorite Shimla
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How to reach

Regular buses run from Delhi and Chandigarh to Shimla From railway to Delhi, Kalka can be reached from the railroad. Traveling from Kalka to eight hours can be reached by Shimla. Shimla-Kalka has its own pleasure to set a mountain route by a toy train. Kalka is connected to the railroad from many cities in the country. Shimla is also connected by air. Apart from this, Chandigarh is also the nearest airport here.

The quiet resort is Nahan

Shimla is a busy hill station. After this, there is a desire to go to a quiet and small resort then you can reach Solan and Kasauli or Nahan. Nahan is a small but picturesque place in the Shiwalik hills. The temples, gardens and the Rannital are here. If you are to reach Naha straight away, you can easily reach the place. From there it is 64 km away Nahan Renuka Lake is 45 km away from Nahan. This beautiful beauty can take tourists like hypnotism. Renuka Sanctuary is also the place to visit in this area. On the other hand Ponta Sahib is also about 45 km away. This holy place of Sikhs has been related to the life of Tenth Guru Govind Singh ji. If you want, tourists can return to Dehradun and can visit the mountainous sites of Uttaranchal.

How to reach

Bus service is available from Ambala and Chandigarh to Nahan and can go by bus or taxi from Dehradun to Ponta.

Queen of mountains Mussoorie

The first name of the hill station of Uttaranchal is Mussoorie. The beauty of Mussoorie affects the tourists so much that it is also called the queen of the mountains. The Mall Road, which runs from Library Road to Clock Tower, is lively at all times. Camel Back Road is another quiet route from Library Road to Kulli Bazar.

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There are mountainous spots far and wide. Many snow-clad peaks can be seen through the binocular by reaching the  by the ropeway. Apart from these, there are other places to see the Red Box, Happy Valley, Municipal Garden. Kanki Falls is also a special attraction of about 11 km away. You can reach Dhanoli if you can see the beauty of the lush green forests here. You can have many options if you reach Rishikesh from Mussoorie. In fact, Rishikesh is the gateway to the four Dhams of Uttaranchal. From here, you can visit Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, Gangotri, by taxi or by taxi. That should be about one week time. Please note that there is a 13 -14-km walk along the Yamunotri and Kedarnath. Rishikesh is a religious city in itself. There are many sights, such as Lakshman Jhula, Shivanand Jhula, Swargashram, Parmarth Niketan etc.

How to reach  ( Manali India Points of Interest )

Dehradun is connected by rail to Delhi and other big cities. From there, the journey of Mussoorie is only one hour. It takes about eight hours for the bus to travel directly from Mussoorie to Bus. Other places nearby, people who see long journeys and more and more places can reach Adhibadri from Karnprayag on the route of Badrinath, can go to Ranikhet illegally, or on this route can see Kotdwar in place of Srinagar to Pauri Lansdowne. One route from Kotdwar leads to Delhi, the other goes towards Kalabgarh and goes to Corbett National Park. Corbett National Park is a suitable place if you want to see wildlife in close proximity.

Where can you go directly from Delhi via Ramnagar? From there you can also go straight to Nainital. Rani farm, 60 km away from Nainital, 50 km from Almora and 52 km from Almora, Kausani are the places where you can spend a few days if you wish or can see them by two packs of packages from Nainital. All these places are well connected by bus route. Buses and taxis are available from Delhi, Haldwani, Moradabad, Kathgodam to reach Nainital. By the way, Kathgodam can get a taxi from there by reaching the train.

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