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General Information about Thol lake

Thol lake is an artificial lake located in Thal village of Kalol in Mehsana district in Gujarat state. This is an irrigation tank, a lake surrounded by a fresh water mud in 1912, it has been constructed as a lake. This Thole Bird Sanctuary was declared in 1988, it is a habitat for 150 species of birds, about 60% of water birds. Many migratory birds have been nested. Flamingo and Stork Crane are two major species recorded in the sanctuary from the birds. According to the sanctuary environment, the Act has been declared in 1986, it has also been proposed to be a sensitive area of ​​ecology.


Thol-lake-hd-photo-History It was established by the Gaekwad regime to provide irrigation facilities to a tank farmers at the beginning of this lake. Thol Lake was built in 1912. The user rights of this lake water established. Operations and management of the lake are in double control of the forest and irrigation department of the Gujarat Government.

Thol Bird Sanctuary

Thol Bird Sanctuary The Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary is located 40 km away from Ahmedabad, and this area is included in about 7 square kilometers. This is a beautiful freshwater lake which is why it attracts birds and bird lovers alike. This is the reason. Over 100 species of birds, including migratory birds, Thol Lake have made their home. The best time to visit Thol is the tourist spot. Looking at the warm summer summer in Gujarat, the best season is for the monsoon.

Bahuchar Mata Temple

Bahuchar Mata hd image The multicharaji temple is located in the state of Gujarat in Mehsana district. It is 110 km from Ahmedabad and 35 km west of Mahesana. The original temple complex was built in 1783 CE. Temple carvings are well decorated. About 15 lakh pilgrims visit this temple every year. All the mothers are located in Sankhalpur. The main location of the multicharji mata temple is located in multicharji. His joy of Bhakta Vallabh Dhola Garbo was written in the original place because the multiracial mother is situated between Sankhalpur and Dadaana village. All the mata temples of Sankhalpur are located 2 kilometers away.

How to reach Thol lake?

By Air

By Air Ahmedabad

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport reaches both domestic and international flights from Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad. It is located about 14 kilometers from the city and is connected to all the major cities of India. There are flights to international cities including New York, London, Dubai, Singapore and Colombo. It is one of the busiest airports in Gujarat which has 250 flights in a single day. You can easily book a pre-paid taxi from the airport to reach any part of the city. Airport check 141 Inquiry 25503061/2/3 Air India 26585622-33-44 Indian Airlines, Laldwaza: 25501698 Indian Airlines, Airport: 22869233-34-35,

By Railway

By Railway Ahmedabad Known as the falling under the National Railway Circuit and known as the Calpur Station, the railway station of Ahmedabad is well connected to all the cities of Gujarat and runs several times in one of the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Jaipur. There are trains. Other cities like Goa, Jammu, Cochin, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Patna, Mangalore can also be reached via the train. Railway inquiry General Inquiry 131 Reservation Test 135 Inquiries Arrival and departure (records) 132 Sabarmati railway station-277520918,

By Road

By Road Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is connected to other cities by road. Taxi, auto rickshaw, city bus etc. are available for transport. From different destinations, from Vadodara, 113 km from Gandhinagar, 25 km. 10 km from Modhare 228 km from Mount Abu 252 km from Udaipur 657 km from Jaipur 545 km from Mumbai Located 1076 km away from Delhi. Tourist information center Tourism Corporation Gujarat Limited H. House, Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad-380009 Phone: – 26589172, 26587217, 26589683 Fax: – 26582183,

Different distance For Thol lake in Gujarat

From Distance / Time
Patan, Gujarat 2 h 20 min (111 km)
Bhuj, Gujarat 5 h 28 min (334 km)
Banaskantha, Gujarat 3 h 52 min (202 km)
Surat, Gujarat 5 h 22 min (304 km)
Himmatnagar, Gujarat 1 h 57 min (95.2 km)
Dahod, Gujarat 4 h 9 min (237 km)
Vapi, Gujarat 6 h 38 min (395 km)
Mehsana, Gujarat 1 h 22 min (61.2 km)

Specialty for Thol lake

This Thol Lake is situated in a synthetic Gujarat state near Lake Thole in Kalol in Mehsana district. Birds come from foreign countries during the summer season in Thol Lake and birds live in Thol lake. Fish are found in Thol lake. Seeing fish in the Thol Lake. Most of the birds are seen in Thol in Thol. | Thol Lake is close to the city of Ahmedabad. And well known for birds and love birds here many people came to see different birds, especially Flamingo. It is surrounded by greenery, you have to travel early in the morning to take advantage of seeing the birds. This is a great journey for me.

Attraction around the Thol lake

Attraction around the Thol lake

This Bodhakdev is just 28 km from Ahmedabad. Thol Lake is now officially. Thol lake Bird Sanctuary is home to more than 100 species of lake birds. We have started to see different varieties of birds on an early morning of December. We were very excited and happy to see different birds like Crane, Jeez, Flamingo, Heron, Duck etc. It is a wonderful place for bird watching and family picnics. It can take its own food and enjoy the beauty of the lakes, where there are the most interesting birds to capture. Sunrise is the best time to visit this place because most birds are around the lake. Take away your birds and the deer that can not be removed even with large lenses.

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