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General Information about Masinagudi Hill Station


The northern mountain of Nilgiris hills is a quaint small town on the edges. The border of the famous Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and the strand of Moyar river, forms a center point between Masinagudi Ooty and Theppakadu.

The approach to Masinagudi from Ooty is through the famous Kalhatti Ferries segment, which is possibly one of the most vehicle-worthy slopes in the area. A small 18 kilometer 36 hurdle included in the fork, this area is still a nightmare for the driver who are not experienced behind the wheel. Road (towards Ooty) starts at Thalaikundha Junction and snakes your way towards Kalhatty. A check post on the way obliges vehicles to prevent tempo passengers, Tata Sumo, Qualis etc. and check for their brake pads.

They are heated if they are moved to the side to calm them down to the next few km faster and for the most risky people on the way. They do these parts in less gear and at least do not use the brakes as appropriate, they are hot and do not catch the most when you wheel. Steep roads fall into the hills and take a further 10 km ride to the city of Masinagudi.

Masinagudi city is a strategic place straddling quite a few protected areas from Nilgiri Biosphere. Theppakadu, Forest Department of Mudumalai Sanctuary, is approximately 10 kilometers from Masinagudi. Road, Gudalur-Bandipur road, where the left goes down towards Gudalur and forward Wayanad, while winding the path of right Bandipur.

General Information about Masinagudi Hill Station

At the northern borders of Masinagudi city, the dense forest section of the famous Mudumalai Forest Reserve starts. By the late 18th century the forests of the sanctuary were under the control of Nilambar Tirumalapad religious sect (Tirumalapad Kovilagam). In 1927 the area was declared a safe forest. Park was built in 1940 to become the first wildlife sanctuary in South India.The city is today peppered with a large number of resorts. The city is right at Kalhatty – Theppakadu road and cities like Bokkapuram, Singara and Vazaithottam are today home to a large number of – Thanks to the development of wildlife tourism.

Masinagudi Hill Station

To see the animals running through the edges of the Moyer river city is a good place when they come to drink water from the river.Moeir River Gorge, also called the Moyer Valley, is a dramatic 20 km (12 miles) long gorge Moore river, which is dug out from the dive in the bottom of the gorge in Theppakadu in the fall of a roaring water fall popular name.Medical facilities in Masinagudi are very basic and tourists are advised to take their medicines.

People with dimensional for severe illnesses or those diseases, there are decent facilities here in Ooty or with anyone on Gundalpet to take the advice of your doctors before traveling to the nearest hospital, both at least one hour distance And it is closed for traffic at night on the streets, add it to the forest.There is a departmental shop in the city and a few shops that have provisions and mandatory shares.

While making a couple of medical shops, while completing some liquor shops shopping scene, some amazing home-made meals are available on some of the small eateries in the city.Recently, a gas station is being built here and there are a couple of puncture shops and garages often busy, busy with what vehicles are negotiating the ghats required to pay attention. A police station is also there along with a government hospital available here.


Places to see in Masinagudi Hill Station

Eucalyptus on earth is a paradise filled with nature-filled beauty. The presence of abundant vegetation and creatures, old mountain ranges, gushing waterfalls, winding rivers and the thrilling trekking route of Nilgiris attract trekekrs, honeymooners, wild life lovers and nature enthusiasts from round the globe. Tourist attractions in Nilgiris are all dotted above all the blessed lush vegetation, benign water bodies and majestic mountain ranges. Each of them will open to the panoramic view of the entire area and give you enough time to cherish natural wonders.

Mudumalai Masinagudi Team Adventure

Masinagudi Team Adventure

Sandwiched between Bandipur and Annamalai Sanctuaries, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is a mixture of flat lands, wavy parkland, open grassland and marsh valleys. Sanctuary is famous for its elephant habitat and it is one of the sanctuaries of India. Madumalai is divided into several sections, Masinagudi being the most popular of them.

About Resort:

It is an environmentally friendly desert holiday located in the middle of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. With a quiet and quiet background, the resort is surrounded with lush and green forest area wonderful. A part of the stay, this tree is homes, cottages and machans. A home away from home, this holiday destination serves only local dishes that entice visitors with a dew fresh taste.

Jungle Survival Theme:

Welcome to the forest! Enter into a tribal world where technology is completely unheard of. In this exciting outdoor activity, this is the man verses where you and your team face such issues that cross the jungle in the jungle. Bond as a group and use your creativity to come up with solutions of various problems. The team that can handle all the obstacles and survive will be started as a winning team.

In this activity, each group will be divided into different tribes. You and your team will present some innovative ideas and choose your own tribal name, song and dance. It has become unique to gather all the good points.

Get in the tribal area with the staggered material of sticks and leaves. There are many adventures in hand. Provide for your tribe with the theme of collecting water. Hold that you and your team will be given a basket with many holes and will use the leaves to cover it up. Manage the whole thing in such a way that the water does not leak. Either that or you will have to collect water with a bamboo stick.

Jungle Survival Theme:

Other activities include the use of old technology and hunting for food with archery games. You will also find shelter and to build with the materials that are provided. The scavenger hunt is busy in where the dishes will be hidden throughout. You and your group will have to scout for them. Somewhere along the way, there is a lion in search of and you have to start Jumaring (Rope climbing activity). Apart from this, one of your tribesmen is injured. The team has to make a stretcher with what is provided and to take it back to its top.

The team is successful in successfully completing all of these activities as soon as possible that the title of the winner will be.

Trekking Through Masinagudi

Trekking Through Masinagudi

Masinagudi Eucalyptus, a part of the Western Ghats is known for its ancient and interesting beauty. The nearby mountainous terrain offers for a number of daring escapades. On this guided tour of approximately 4 hours, you are just getting roaming exotic and spatial species.

This morning’s journey begins around 6am from your lodging and will be covered around 7-8km. You can either make breakfast packs to select it to have the route along the N River Singara or on the return. On the trek, surrender yourself to the abundance of divine nature in the deciduous forest range. Spots rare species of migratory birds in the form of wild animals and pigeons, sandpipers and yellow prunes, such as Eurasian black collars.

Duration: 3-4hours

Difficulty: Medium

Masinagudi Jeep Safari

Masinagudi Jeep Safari

Activity about:

Experience 2 hours of jungle fun with a jeep safari in Masinagudi; A forest area located in the foothills of Nilgiri.
Every morning and late evening this jeep safari will take you through wonderful forests and green bushes that provides shelter for many species of animals.
At least around you: 06:00 AM, 07:00 AM or 05:00 PM or: 07:00 PM Late evening ride can choose the option for Jeep Safari to start early.
Come face-to-face with rarely seen wildlife in their most natural form. An elephant herd can spontaneously spat in its own natural base and be chatter and wild boar hidden between bushes.

Masinagudi Camping

Masinagudi Camping

Masinagudi is a part of Mudumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu. Mudumalai National Park A large wildlife sanctuary which has been declared a Tiger Reserve and is spread across Karnataka and Kerala states. Masinagudi is noted for its rich forests and abundant vegetation and creatures.

Masinagudi  hil station Driving Directions From Coimbatore

Distance: 113 kmTime (approx.) Taken: 3 hours 19 minutes
Driving directions:

Cross-Cut Road West Head on
Sandyappan Nursing Home Pass By
140 mTake Coimbatore Ooty Route for Gundelpet Hwy300 mTurn Coimbatore Ooty left on Gundelpet Highway
From near Narasimhanaicken Palayam bus stand
(11.2 km to the left)
33.6 kmTurn Victoria Jewelry left on Coimbatore to stay on Ooty Gundelpet Highway
BP gas station

Driving Directions

29.4 kmTurn Coimbatore Ooty Gundelpet right to stay on the highway
From Wellington Cantonment Hospital
(5.0 km to the left)
19.5 kmSlight left Church Hill Rd160 mSlight directly on the Coimbatore Ooty Highway Gundelpet on the Union Church160 mTake left on 1 right950 mContinue
By the State Bank of India
(5.1 km to the right)
6.3 kmTurn right1.0 kmTurn right21.4 kmTurn right550 meters


How to reach Masinagudi? How to reach Masinagudi?

By Air

Flights Bya: There were no direct mudmillai ray, airport bya beautiphula locel note supaporteda muddleai for flights.

By Railway

A complete list of different trains starting from Coimbatore railway station, available for the closest Mudumalai Railway Stationis ready reference, by travelers, to learn about how to reach Mudumalai by train: Train by: A promise of comfort, such as, a Mudumalai train journey, a trainto Mudumalaicomes, with an ideal Mudumalai tourism check Mudumalai train Timetable.Ensuring a memorable with the passengers, these express trains are the fastest and easiest means of commute.

By Road

Traveling to Mudumblai by Travelerswilling to enjoy your freedom is not an option among the car rental mantle car rental. How to answer the frequent question of reaching the road by Mudumalai, taxi operators move taxis to a number and to mingle how to go on mudupalai to provide a super fast solution.

Different distance For Masinagudi Hill Station in Tamil Nadu

From Distance / Time Vai
Ariyalur 419.1 km/8 h 16 min NH544
Chennai 583.3 km/10 h 28 min NH48
Coimbatore 112.9 km/3 h 54 min NH181
Cuddalore  443.5 km/8 h 41 min  NH544
Dharmapuri 305.4 km/6 h 23 min NH544
Dindigul 273.1 km/6 h 11 min NH44
Erode 180.9 km/4 h 39 min NH544

Eating facilities in Masinagudi Hill Station

Saras Kitchen Restaurant

Sara’s Kitchen Restaurant

# 3 of 5 restaurants in Gudalur
₹₹ – ₹₹₹ Chinese American Indian vegetarian favorable
“Hot Kitchen” 2017/06/04
“Hospitality like a family!” 27/03/2017

Dhanalaxmi Restaurant Paykara

# 35 of 147 restaratasa in Ooty
“Good restaranta” 2017/01/03
“Avesomem Homeli Food !!” 22/01/2017

Hotel Atria Grand Restaurant

# 36 of 147 restaurants in Ooty
₹₹ – ₹₹₹ Chinese Indians
“Authentic South Meal” 27/11/2016
“Best lunch meal” 30/01/2016

Yummy Restaurant

# 73 of 147 restaurants in Ooty
₹₹ – ₹₹₹ Indian Chinese Asian halal
“Ok food” 2017/11/03
“Only in name” 31/12/2016

Earl’s Secret

# 1 of 147 restaurants in Ooty
₹₹₹₹ Italian Chinese Indian Asian Soup International Vegetarian Friendly Vegetarian Option Gluten Free Option
“Not really got enough food !!” 14/06/2017
“Ultimate in Ooty” 26/05/2017


Specialty for Masinagudi Hill Station


For all those looking for some wonderful time to spend together after a busy marriage and long and tiring preparation, it’s time to pack your bags and leave for the quiet atmosphere of Ooty, also the Queen of Hill Stations Is called.This is actually one of the most attractive and beautiful holiday destinations in Tamil Nadu. The place is famous for the infinite number of Bollywood movies which have been shot here in miles and tea gardens and miles of breathing mountains.

The city’s quiet honeymoon is the ideal place to enjoy one another’s majestic company without just busy time limits, traffic, pollution and obstruction, with its breath-taking views of mountains, dense forests, grasslands and tea gardens.Then go to this wonderful place to shut down your mobile and jet sets and remember a life time.

Nilgiri Heights 05 Nights / 06 Days
2N Bangalore – 1N Mysore – 2N Ooty

Tamil Nadu 06 Hills Nights / 07 Days
03N Ooty – 03N codiconal


Scenic South India 07N and 08 days
02N Coorg – 02N Ooty – 02 Mysore – 01N Bangalore

Explore South 10 Nights and 11 Days
01N Bengaluru 01 Mysore-02 N Ooty-02 N Kodaikanal -02 N Munnar-01N Thekkady -01Alleppey

Nilgiri Nest 05 nights and 06 days
02N Mysore – 03N Ooty (Coonoor)


Attraction around the Masinagudi Hill Station

Nature Stay Experience In Masinagudi

Founded in 1974 and located next to the Avarhalla River, the property is one of the beautiful holiday destinations in Masinagudi. Since last 40 years, grace is enriched in the foothills of Nilgiris and it is surrounded by an amazing series of flora and fauna. This pleasant holiday house is located 250km to 85km from the Calicut Airport and Bangalore Airport.

Because of its splendid surroundings and a mix of plasticity of companies, the counts in the form of a holiday spot for couples, win the hearts of all the visitors to the Farm House Families with children and nature lovers also like this place because children will enjoy nature as taxing adults. It is open to visitors from different corners of the world.

Apart from all offerings, they also serve delicious foodstuffs for their patrons. Beginning with breakfast, lunch and dinner, it works in a mixed array of continental, South and North Indian dishes. Idli, dosa, eggs, toast, jam, chicken,

Adventure Jungle Stay in Masinagudi

Adventure Jungle Stay in Masinagudi

Activity about:

Taken in the stunning Eucalyptus lap, Masinagudi is one of the most favorite tourist hot spots in southern India. A small village is lying between Bandipur and Tiger Reserve of Mudumalai, this place is a dream destination that one can think of!

Home to some of the most attractive wildlife and its rich bio-diversity, this place is definitely a perfect weekend holiday. Masinagudi celebrates the jungle that is surrounded by lush green bushes and unique wildlife offers a nature stay in residence to be a UN-defeated experience.

A famous tourist hot spot, Jungle Resort Masinagudi offers its visitors with an ideal favors. With a wide range of activities available here, this place is a paradise especially for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts!


To celebrate the jungle, definitely will not let that you get bored for a minute is a one-stop destination! With its proximity to Mudumalai and Bandipur National Park, be ready to experience exotic wildlife in its natural habitat more than ever before.

With its diverse animal life, Jungle Resort Masinagudi offers you as much as 55 mammals and 227 bird sanctuaries glance near. Get ready to track through the beautiful ranges of Thepakadu, Mudumalai, Kargudi and Nellakota within the sanctuary.

You get beaten with wonderful landscapes, lush green bushes, and you touch your face as a warm sunshine, as you make your way through dense forests. Cherish the moments spent in the stunning lands of these amazing Masinagudi!

Adventure in Masinagudi

Adventure in Masinagudi

Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi

Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi

A rugged stretch of land, Masinagudi is tucked away between the Bandit Tiger Reserve and Mudumalai’s foreign mountain ranges. Delectable Eucalyptus With this blissful countryside elevated, it serves as an ideal holiday from all humdrums of city life.

Offering many adventure and entertainment options to visitors, Masinagudi’s lush, green, attractive and rugged trails are also known for their jungle! Its location makes this an ideal hotspot for the wildlife, its natural beauty makes it easy for a quiet and delightful holiday destination. Mark in your travel calendar in this way, and you will never find any dull moment during your days in Masinagudi!


Camping in Masinagudi is a kind of experience that you need to try with your friends and family! Adding more to your quintessential experience, you will keep surrounded by deep and dense bushes surrounded by excitement and excitement in Masinagudi.

In case, you are carving for more, tracking through rugged and challenging areas will fulfill all your wishes! Apart from all these, there are a series of other activities that will make you desire for more and make sure that you will persuade to visit this magical land repeatedly!


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Masinagudi hil station


Ooty lake

Looking for a lot of entertainment to make your Saturday evening cheerful? Ooty Lake is in direct words where you go out to make your evening colorful to get the best scenic look so far. The lake which was covered by an area of ​​approximately 65 acres of land was built by John Sullivan in 1824. The main attraction of Ooty Lake is the opportunity to walk through the banks of the lake surrounded by boating and eucalyptus trees.

The house located next to the boat lake allows you to enjoy different types of boating like paddle boats, motor boat and row boats. In case you are with your young people, enjoy a ride in the mini train and amusement park adjacent to them.
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Kurang ka grove

Deer park

I will not rate this park as something out of the box, but still it is worth visiting without any doubt. It is counted in some high altitude zoos in India. One is a charm for deer and wants to know about their different species in the description, the park is an ideal choice without any doubt. Park is very close to Ooty Lake, so in case you are in Ooty Lake in the afternoon at the end of one week, you can see both together. Those people who are on a family vacation in Ooty can briefly spend their time in this park for educating their children about Nilgiris wildlife.

Upper Bhavani-Lake

If this is wrong, then I say Upper Bhawani Lake is the most peaceful tourist destination of Ooty and I would suggest that you are here to be at least once if you are spending your holidays in Ooty. Located in the SnowDown Road of Ooty, this lake is very different from other commercial highlights of Ooty where you can have unlimited fun but can not enjoy solitude. Upper Bhavani water is green, blue and pollutionless. On one evening, roaming around the greener lake or spending just to keep the passive in order to feel the romanticism of solitude.


Traveling from a train to 7228 feet from 1069 feet to a train route, is bound to generate abundant entertainment, and riding on an old train only increases the excitation multiplication. To enjoy the same feeling in Ooty, you have to travel once in the Nilgiri Mountain Railway which runs Mettupalayam to Oatakamand or Ooty. You can either go for the entire 5-hour journey to see the most enchanting of the nearby greenery-rich mountains or just to board the train from Coonoor to Ooty. The train that runs between Coonoor and Ooty is powered by a diesel locomotive and is fully admired by its old train ride.
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You are looking for trips to the day to avoid the sound of the options and the crowd from Ooty, just head to the avalanche lake which is approximately 28km from the city center. It is said that the lake got its name from a major landslide that took place at the end of 1800. The surrounding area of ​​the lake is also famous among its tourists for its uninterrupted location. For people who want to enjoy some activities during their break, trout fishing is an ideal choice.


An English church founded in 1829 St. Stephen Church is counted among the oldest churches in the Nilgiris. Located on the road to Mysore in Ooty, this church depicts many religious scenes through glass painting and wood work. The area surrounding the church is a treat for the eyes as you would get to see enough of the greenery around the church. Stained glasses and wooden beams enhance the beautiful beauty of this church.


You should pay a visit to Ooty’s Merimen Temple which is very close to the market if you are a religious soul and love to take blessings of Mother God. She is worshiped as a local Hindu deity and Goddess of rain. Some people also worship Him as the incarnation of Goddess Kali. Tuesday is considered an auspicious day to worship Goddess Mariyamma. The case you are in Ooty in April, so that you can fix an appointment, try to see the dates of Ooty Mariman Temple Festival.
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Mukturthi National Park

Mukurthi-National Park

Located around 34km from Ooty, Mukrthi National Park Ooty can be counted in the best weekend.The main attraction of this sanctuary is the large number of Nilgiri Tahr with unique varieties of orchids, ferns and type fruits. The park can be accessed through various mini-tracking routes which makes its journey quite adventurous.As fond of birding should always keep your eyes open, while tracking people they can get to see birds like black eagles, machete, gray jungle birds, wood cock and thrush.


Masinagudi Geography

In April 2007, Tamil Nadu State Government may be in a tiger sanctuary, under section 38V of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, in the effort to preserve the shrinking population of the country, it is pronounced mudmallai. Later, nearly 350 families living in the core area were evicted from the park and a compensation of INR 10 lakhs was given. Park fear they will also be evicted, those in the 5 km buffer area; Any buffer zone will be overrooted. In fact, some people in this area will be able to increase their income through trackers and guide ecology tourism.

Continuation of ‘Project Tiger’ in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve for the financial year 2010/11, at the cost of INR 4 crore, was approved by the National Tiger Conservation Authority on September 16, 2010.


Climate of Masinagudi Hill

in summer

Summers are hot in the Masinagudi and generally last between the months of June March. The temperature is between a comfortable 22 degree Celsius – 37 degrees Celsius and relaxing cold air in these months lifts souls in the evening

In the monsoon season

Masinagudi experiences moderate rainfalls in the months of September-July. To bring freshness and rejuvenation greenery to the rainy place.

In the winter season

November marks the beginning of winter season in Masinagudi and it lasts until the month of February.The temperature is comfortable and usually lies in the range of 19 degrees Celsius for 32 degrees Celsius after being washed with water from heaven recently in the month of November only looks futuristic.

People from Masinagudi Village

tamil nadu1

Masinagudi Hill station images

Masinagudi Hill station images3 Masinagudi Hill station images2 Masinagudi Hill station images


Hotels in Masinagudi hill station


Wild Horizon Retreat is a property located 83 km away from a typical Coimbatore International Airport.The guest can also visit Ooty which is 10 km from the hotel.This hotel in Nilgiri is well supported with an electric generator.

The property has 3 rooms. Each room is equipped with an attached bathroom with bottled water, room heater and hot and cold running water. Guests can dine at the hotel’s restaurant. The facilities offered are laundry, medical assistance and room service.

Wild Horizon Retreat is surrounded by a garden.Each room in this hotel in Nilgiri has a balcony.Peelamedu Railway Station is 87 km away and Ooty Bus Station is 25 km away. Places of interest are the Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park (80 km) and the Government Rose Garden (23 km).

A.S Garden

Offering free internet access to its patrons, A.A.G. Garden is located 0.5 km from Pandian Park Bus Station.This property is an outdoor swimming pool.This 2-storey accommodation in Nilgiri has 8 well-equipped rooms.

Offering such facilities available in the form of TV, telephone, cupboard, room heater, bottled water and separate living area. An en suite bathroom with a well-equipped kitchenette and hot / cold running water is also available. The A.Ş Garden is an in-house restaurant and a well-maintained garden.

This cottage offers travel desk facilities such as medical assistance, laundry, and clock room service round services. In case of power cut, a backup generator is also available within the premises.

Places of interest include Pandiaraj Memorial Park (1 km), Jawaharlal Nehru Park (3 km) and Longwood Shola Reserve Forest (4 km). Coonoor railway station is 20 km away and Ooty Bus Station is 26 km away from the property.

Rock Gardens Holiday Resorts

The Rock Garden Holiday Resort in Ooty offers around a great living by the panoramic view of Nilgiri Hill. They stay comfortable under a rooftop and offer delicious food. This is where guests can enjoy their holidays with nature.

This hotel offers many amenities to make guests in 8 well maintained and fully furnished rooms. The reception is available to assist the guest with the convenience of luggage storage. Luxurious dining is available at one of the hotel’s restaurants.

Luxury accommodation is ideal for making room service stay truly comfortable. Guests can stay connected to the internet facility. Other hotel facilities include parking area, laundry facilities, cafeteria and travel counter.

The Monarch Safari Park

Located in Bokkapuram, the Emperor Safari Park is an ideal destination from where guests can explore the magnificent forests and make wildlife of Nilgiri. It is close to the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the first wildlife sanctuary in South India.

Sanctuary is home to hundreds of animals including elephants, mouse deer, wild boar, leopard, hyena, and sambhar. Apart from Wildlife Sanctuary, guests can also explore other attractions such as the Government Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the St.

Stephen Church The Emperor Safari Park is spread over a vast spread of land and includes spacious rooms with welcoming atmosphere.Each room was appointed with the necessary facilities and attended the round-the-clock room service.

A complimentary breakfast is served to guests and offers them amenities such as tourism assistance, doctor-on-call, laundry and parking.Guests have been praised for their personal services and honest efforts towards providing the entire money to the hotel.

With its humble staff, its years of experience and expertise, the friendly atmosphere creates the guests to feel like home.

TG Stays Bokkapuram

Located on Bokapuram, Masinagudi has a cottage hornbill nest at affordable prices.It is well known for its safari camps, wildlife sanctuary, birdlife, camp and many more.The cottages are well maintained and basic.

Ooty is one of the famous attractions which are located 30 km away from the cottage.This is a bold experience with a number of activities the city offers.The resort is well protected with safety, which makes it safe for children.

Hornbill Nest offers complimentary free breakfast and breakfast as a complimentary complimentary breakfast.It has basic facilities such as an attached bathroom, premium TVs, cupboards and cabinets to store your belongings.


Shopping place in Masinagudi hill

Town Bazaar

When you visit the town market Shop for the souvenir of the grand hill station of Mahabaleshwar.This market houses many shops, according to everyone’s taste and medium budget.Try out some colorful new clothes and accessories or sample a local tasty treat.Access this historic ease,Here all the residents will be able to talk in the right direction without any hassle at all!Old and new, large and small, all types of shops are to be found here.

You can see any such photos live here with lots of color classification in the background.Handcrafted walking sticks, mouth watering jams and preserves, a dorn the leather goods and famous strawberries and raspberry counters of Mahabaleshwar.Explore the market for something important which you will definitely find here or stay around on the look-out, to carry unusual keepsakes back home.

Mapro Garden

When he visits the Mapro garden in Mahabaleshwar, he will be delighted by the legions of small fans of Mapro candy.Home to a famous candy and chocolate factory.this is a place when you are here you will have to travel.The red,pink and red lines make the eyes, a beautiful opposite formation with emerald green leaves formed.Walking well around well laid paths and offering many samples and gifts in the house as the juice.All the walks you are hungry?

Recharge your battery with a healthy fruit salad, panoramic ice cream, and famous strawberry shake.Take home jam, preserves, take syrup, topping and squash, and enjoy them in the comfort of your home.Make these days a gift by giving these recipes and trust that you have made a special place in their hearts!

Imperial Store

Imperial Store, the subject of a family-owned concern.has been strong in Mahabaleshwar since the days of the British Raj.This historic journey is likely when you are in this hill station and you find almost anything you need here.Go on to stock everything for this entertaining video from medicines.When buying must shop for compulsory and enjoy a glass of wonderful taste in your hotel room or home.

Call your friends to enjoy a relaxing evening with these fine vintages.The store is well standing.with clean corridors.clean shelves.even then for the first time the audience should not find what they need to find any trouble.Sparkling flooring and brightly lit interiors indicate your commitment to customer service and you are sure to drop in a satisfying experience every time you are in.


Masinagudi hil station Weather

tamil nadu wether

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